Deep Practice in Mathematics in Early Years Eliminates Need for SAT Test Prep

In anticipation of the March SAT, high school students all over the country will be scrambling to enroll in SAT prep classes at mass market test prep centers.   Guided by inexperienced teaching staff, some of whom are still in college, these high school students will cram to memorize formulas and learn tricks for attaining a respectable score on the math portion of the test.  The irony is that the math SAT is designed as a measure of the critical thinking and problem solving abilities that are necessary to succeed in college and beyond.  The fact that so many students, including those with good math grades, are signing up for a cram course in high school points their lack of a solid foundation in mathematics.

By contrast, students who entered RSM’s afterschool math enrichment program during Elementary School or Middle School will not require any additional courses to prepare for the math SAT.  What’s more, RSM students score an average of 774 on the 11th grade math SAT in contrast to the U.S. average of 514.  This is because RSM offers a systematic math curriculum taught by professional math educators are who are uniquely qualified to help students fill the gaps in their math education and build the solid foundation in mathematics they need to be successful, not only on the SAT, but in life.

By: Irina Khavinson   Irina Khavinson

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