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International Tests Show US Teens in 25th Place in Math

The latest results from the OECD show that while US teenagers are improving in reading, they continue to lag behind their peers internationally in science and especially in math. On the other hand, Asian countries continue to dominate the test (with a fairly stunning result from China in particular this year).

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From Russia With Math (My Recent Op-Ed in the Jewish Advocate)

As some of you may know, I was deeply affected when watching the recent film Waiting for Superman. The film (by the director of “An Inconvenient Truth”) looks at the state of America’s public education system through the stories of families who due to failing urban schools or tracking in suburban schools are looking for options to give their children a great eduction. … I think the reason I was so moved by the film is the contrast I feel, as a Russian immigrant, between the great prosperity offered by America to those with a great education and the lack of availability of that education in the public system.

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