A few facts about math in America

Recently the National Academy of Sciences published an answer to their previous report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm, which described some fundamental problems challenging America’s place in the world (i.e. lack of investment in infrastructure, R&D, and a failure in our education system).

The new Report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Revisited is available as a free PDF and offers some fascinating facts. The point is fairly direct: to remain competitive we HAVE to increase our leadership and investment in R&D and to do that we need more engineers, scientists, etc. Of course, that’s hard to do since our schools aren’t  creating them.

This echos with my own sense that global competition is creating a different kind of competition in the workplace. Whether you get an education in Massachusetts or Xian China, matters a lot less than the quality of the education.

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By: Ilya   Ilya

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