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The Myth of the Gender Ability Gap

While the world argues over the cause of the gender achievement gap in math and science, it’s interesting that at RSM there is no gap. There has never been one in fact. Our female students are and have been on completely equal intellectual footing as their male peers.

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Meet our Alumni: 3 RSM Women with a PhD in their sights

Liz Rapoport, Dina Tsukrov, and Rimma Pivovarov began attending RSM at the ages of 11 and 12. They went to camp every year and worked as counselors during their college years. Twelve years later, they’re completing PhD programs at MIT, Einstein, and Columbia Universities! Read an excerpt from their interview below.

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Meet Our Parents: Heidi R. Wyle

Education and hard work were my strategies for life. Following Brown, I completed a Ph.D. in Physics at MIT, and later after working for a few years at Westinghouse, I jumped into an M.B.A. program at Harvard which I took to like a fish to water and graduated as a Baker Scholar. During business school, I worked with Chris Gabrieli at Bessemer Venture Partners, and then went on to a fabulous career as a biotechnology executive and entrepreneur.

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A few facts about math in America

Recently the National Academy of Sciences published an answer to their previous report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm, which described some fundamental problems challenging America’s place in the world. The report is available as a free PDF and is fairly direct: to remain competitive we HAVE to increase our leadership and investment in R&D and to do that we need more engineers, scientists, etc. Of course, that’s hard to do since our schools aren’t creating them (the US is 48th in quality of Math & Science education, 69% of 5th – 8th graders are taught math by someone without any specialization in the subject, etc.)

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