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Math is biggest driver of remedial classes in Ohio according to Board of Regents

I ran into an interesting news aticle over the weekend with some interesting statistics on what subjects students struggle with when entering college. According to the Ohio Board of regents, 38% of students needed to take at least one remedial course in Math or English (lowering their chance of graduating by nearly 70%).

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RSM Featured in Article in the Boston Globe

A recent article in the Boston Globe looks at options for Massachusetts parents looking to bolster their children’s math education. RSM is featured through interviews with some of our parents and our founders. It’s an interesting look at what pushes parents to seek after school programs and what alternatives exist in Massachusetts.

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What makes Russian Mathematics special

I was contacted over the summer by Jaraslaw Anders from the US State Department with an interesting question: what differentiates the Russian approach to mathematics from the approach of America and other developed nations. He recently published an interesting article on our conversation.

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Response to the NYT’s: Deficiencies in Public Schools.

A few days ago Professor Stotsky posted an interesting commentary in the New York Time’s opinion page: Deficiencies in Public Schools. Prof Stotsky, pointed to the rise in tutoring as a sign that the public education system is failing our children. I agree with the professor’s assessment, but tutoring is not the answer and has never been RSM’s focus.

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